Degoogled Pixel 4 Smartphone (64GB)


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Ready to take back your privacy from Big Tech? Kick the digital snitch in your pocket to the curb and take control of your data with a degoogled smartphone!

What do these phones offer?

  • No Google login or account required
  • No Google WiFi triangulation (hyperaccurate location data)
  • No hyperactive Bluetooth spying
  • No Google device fingerprinting
  • No Google voice recognition API
  • No Google snooping via Play Store or Firebase
  • Increased battery life
  • Open-source F-Droid store
  • Device spoofing, feeds fake data to Google APIs if they must be accessed

The Pixel 4 is one of the newest model phones that can be degoogled – a great choice for those who will not compromise on hardware specs and quality! These phones are refurbished and in Like New condition. Each phone comes preinstalled with LineageOS and a custom build of microG that allows device fingerprint spoofing to protect your privacy. Each phone ships with a fast charger, USB-C cable, and SIM card popper. Full specs on the Pixel 4 can be found here.

Carrier Compatibility
T-Mobile YES
International YES
Verizon YES

Want to learn more about degoogled phones? This video from privacy researcher Rob Braxman is a great place to start!

NOTE: Lead times on degoogled phones are ~2 weeks from the date of your order.


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