Order and Return Policy

By ordering from the PrivacyToGo shop, you agree to the following terms:

  1. We offer a 30 day return window for any hardware sold which is damaged in transit or otherwise found to be physically defective upon receipt. This window is in effect from the date your package is shipped.

    During this period, you can opt to have the device replaced or repaired by us free of charge or receive a refund in full after the item in question is returned and verified to be physically defective.

  2. You accept that, in purchasing hardware that runs open-source and community-supported software, bugs may be present in any given OS or firmware build which may affect certain functionality on your device unless or until patched by developers.

    Furthermore, any apps or services dependent on closed-source software, frameworks, or APIs may exhibit erratic behavior that is outside of the control of PrivacyToGo.

  3. You agree that the average turn-around time of any device which requires custom firmware or OS flashing is ~2 weeks from the date of your completed payment to shipment and may be extended an additional week when ordering a OnePlus 6T or during periods of severe inventory shortages.

  4. You accept that cell phone activation on your carrier of choice as stated on individual product listings indicates data band compatibility with the carriers in question and that additional contact may be required on your behalf with your carrier of choice for completed activation.

  5. When ordering outside of the United States, you accept that global supply chains and international transit as of 2020 are in a state of disarray and that PrivacyToGo is unable to guarantee lead times of international shipping couriers.

    Furthermore, both domestic and international customers accept that refunds for items lost or stolen during transit cannot be refunded until officially marked as such by the shipping courier in question.

  6. Unless otherwise stated in the above conditions, all sales are final.