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Take Back Your Privacy

When Apple released the iPhone in 2007, it seemed like a miracle.

Steve Jobs took to the stage, and like Prometheus, delivered to humanity the impossible: The whole of the Internet at your fingertips.

Sure, there were other smartphones and PDAs before the ubiquitous black slab took to the scene, but none could match the power and convenience of the iPhone. Android launched its flagship product not long after, and now everyone the world over has one of these buggers in their pocket.

Smartphones used to feel like a liberating tool. The collective wisdom of humanity was now accessible to everyone, all the time, from anywhere.

Fast-forward to 2021 and that perspective has changed radically. Everyone knows that Big Brother is watching now. Some don’t care. Many do, but believe smartphone surveillance is inescapable.

Apple, Google, and their partners in government and advertising have seemingly created a perfect panopticon.

But you can fight back.

And you don’t have to abandon the modern conveniences of a smartphone to do so!

There are dozens of custom operating systems for smartphones that are designed without Google or Apple surveillance built-in. Your cell phone carrier won’t sell you these devices – in fact, some phone companies dissuade you from doing this altogether. Despite their best efforts, smartphone privacy is still attainable.

These phones are called degoogled phones and offer some distinct advantages over the phone that’s currently in your pocket. Degoogled phones are free from voice recognition snooping, hyperaccurate location data through WiFi and Bluetooth, and even contact tracing.

You can make a degoogled phone if you’re tech savvy. If you’re not, buying one from a degoogled phone store is an excellent option.

It’s time to take back your privacy.

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