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Marlon Brando


  • LineageOS vs OxygenOS: Should You Switch?
    When it comes to custom ROM choices, OnePlus users are awash with options! As such, choosing LineageOS vs OxygenOS is a hot topic among OnePlus smartphone owners. While most users will likely stick with the stock OxygenOS image, LineageOS is a popular alternative. Why might someone choose LineageOS over OxygenOS, given that both purport to […]
  • How Contact Tracing Works – Two (Equally Creepy) Case Studies
    Do enough people know how contact tracing works? One of my favorite weekly news wrap-up shows recently covered an interesting story. It was from the Telegraph and entitled, “Millions ‘unwittingly tracked’ by phone after vaccination to see if movements changed.“ The article’s contents are interesting – if not unsurprising – to those against the rising […]
  • 5 Open Source F-Droid Apps That Rock
    When it comes to software that respects your privacy, the open source F-Droid store is your one-stop shop for Android apps. Whether you’re using a fully degoogled smartphone or simply looking to use FOSS (free and open source) software on your vanilla Android smartphone, F-Droid offers some serious perks over the closed-source and spyware-laden Google […]
  • GPS on a Degoogled Phone
    One of the most common questions we get about degoogled phones is, “Can I use GPS on a degoogled phone?” The confusion here is understandable! By its nature, a degoogled phone will not work with Google Maps or Google Navigation services. For some people, this is a huge deal-breaker. However, all hope is not lost. […]
  • Will The Linux Phone Ever Take Off?
    Let’s talk about the possibility of a user-friendly Linux Phone… by talking about the present of the Linux Desktop. I’ve been using Linux as a daily driver for almost 10 years. My first experience was not a great one. The Linux Desktop Sometime in 2006, I eagerly burned a copy of Ubuntu Dapper Drake and […]

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